Advancing your Dramatic Skills will start this Wednesday 10 Sept with Eugene Suleau at the Box Factory and watch out for the OTF Theatresports Cup which is coming up in November.

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Improvention Workshops with OTF


Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it’s  …. Improvention!

Over two weeks we will try and pass on some valuable lessons we learned at Improvention from some of the best improvisers going around.  We will be looking at how you can better connect with audiences and other players during a scene – and how to endow yourself with something a little bit different.

These workshops are directly derived from those attended in Impro ACT in July of this year, these workshops have been listed below.
For more information on Improvention please click here.


Rik Brown : ‘Charm School’

Engaging with an audience and your fellow players is key to any scene. Players who do it regularly are often described as charming. In this workshop we will explore the idea of charm, one of the most elusive and undefinable qualities of any performer.


Kiki Hohnen : ‘Psycho’

This workshops focuses on building characters using various psychological traits, using a couple of models (Leary’s Rose, a personality test) to build more colourful stage personas.


David Razowsky : ‘Sharpen Your Point Of View’
United State of America

The very first exchanges of your scene tell you all you need to know about who you are and where to emotionally and energetically go. Are you aware of that? Are you listening to yourself at that time? Hmm? Are ya’? This workshop will guide you to your point of view, and have you following yourself confidently, bravely, excitedly, and easily. It’s as simple as that!