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Welcome to the Adelaide Impro Festival more information on this event can be found at in December 2014

On the Fly has held a National Impro Festival in Adelaide since 2013.
Information on our last festival in 2014 is listed below.


And the winner was Glenn Hall from Just Improvise


Impro is a high paced, quick witted clever kinda sport. It takes stamina, intellect, skill, drive and creativity.

And ya gotta know how ta work with ya mob, or you’re sunk good and proper. Teamwork’s da key. Make your pal look good or else, you won’t be the top dog of this pen.

SA Heat Winners
  Noah Tavor : “head butted the Target mascot”
07  Ellie Parnell : “Bike thief”

See Australia’s best improvisors do battle in Theatresports-type games, as we seek to crown one as the country’s best! Top class, hilarious impro you won’t want to miss. Includes performers from SA, WA, VIC, NSW, QLD and the ACT. Who will be Australia’s top Improviser and rule da roost for a year?

The FINAL: 15 March @ 7pm (90 mins)
The Promethean, 116 Grote St

Please click here to view the participants details.

SA: Noah Tavor and Ellie Parnell
VIC:  Katherine Weaver, Kevin Yank & Jamie Cerda
NSW: Kate Coates, Sam Jenkins and Andrew McNamee
ACT: Anne Murn
WA: Glenn Hall & Esther Longhurst
QLD: Sam Clifford & Kate Rohde

Director 1: Jo Coventry
Director 2: Jarrad Parker
Musician: Guy Mansbridge   Scorekeeper : Eugene Suleau


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Images from 2013 

For more information, please contact Tracey Davis on 0406 980 962 or via email by clicking here.