Before Poirot, before Miss Marple and Midsomer's Inspector Barnaby …. there was Sherlock Holmes 2-6 September

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Before Poirot, before Miss Marple and Midsomer’s Inspector Barnaby …. there was Sherlock Holmes . With a blood curdling cry in the dark and the discovery of a corpse… so begins another adventure for our hero Sherlock Holmes and his loyal accomplice Dr. John Watson.  Each night will bring a different story as suggested by you, the audience, which will be crafted into a tale of intrigue by the troupe of talented improvising performers you see before you.
There is always a mysterious visitor, or an enigmatic beauty in distress… and lurking behind it all, in the shadows, the evil and haughty Moriarty. Sherlock will be sorely tested by clues presented before him and by his own demons… Not to mention the alluring Irene Adler.
This is a mystery worth sinking your teeth into, with complex plots, red herrings, and the rantings of the genius that is Sherlock Holmes. Come along for a night of fun adventure – with each night a different episode.
Pricing: Adults $19 Conc $15 (Sherlock Holmes Society – Adults $17, Conc. $12) Preview all tix $13
Preview:   Tuesday, 2 September 2014 – 7:30pm
Season:  Wednesday, 3 September 2014 – 7:30pm Thursday, 4 September 2014 – 7:30pm Friday, 5 September 2014 – 7:30pm Saturday, 6 September 2014 – 7:30pm
Duration: 90 mins. Including a 15 min interval
PLEASE NOTE: This show is being held in the Studio Theatre – so numbers are limited. The show runs for 5 nights only. Bookings essential.
Credits: Written by: Group devised. Directed by: Eugene Suleau Costume Design: Claire Bottrall
Featuring:  Paul Gordon as Sherlock Homes; Eugene Suleau as Dr. Watson; Helen Keene as Mrs. Hudson; Claire Bottrall as Irene Adler; Jarrad Parker as Moriarty; Aaron Broomhall as Inspector G. Lestrade with Noah Tavor and Maddy Gibbons playing a range of characters.
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Paul Gordon as Sherlock Holmes
paul headshot
Paul has been involved in improvisational theatre since 2002, working with On The Fly, ImproNOW, and their predecessors. He burst onto the scene in the successful group Chack Dackley and the Super-friends, and has since been seen as part of other successful (yet completely forgettable) groups. Paul has previously taught impro with ImproNOW and performed in multiple fringe seasons. Most recently Paul has branched out into long-form improvisations. He is the producer of Soap! The Improvised Dramedy, a monthly improvised soap opera. Paul first appeared as Sherlock in On The Fly’s Sherlock Holmes and the Naughty Noel, and can’t wait to once again don the Deerstalker.

Eugene Suleau as Dr. John Watson

smiling Eugene copy

Eugene has been making stuff up since 1999, when Chris John’s Splash Theatre Company revived Theatresports in Adelaide.

A trained actor (McLeod Daughters and A Wire Through the Heart), Eugene finds impro to be the perfect substitue to scripted plays. His career highlights include winning the Theatresports Celebrity Challenge in 2002 and 2003, and being runner up in Improvivor in 2003. He has played countless scenes and has received scores ranging from 15/15 to zero! In addition to On the Fly, Eugene works with Impro NOW and long-form impro company Changing Jennifers, and represented South Australia at the Theatresports National Championships in Sydney in 2010, 2012 and in Brisbane in 2011.

Aaron Broomhall as Inspector G. Lestrade

Aaron Broomhall
Aaron Broomhall is an actor and improv artist seen in Fringe shows such as “The Dungeons and Improvisation Adventure Show”, “Improvise to Go”, and the Cabaret Festival’s “Tales of Adventure”. He has worked on television and radio since 2009, and will be appearing in “ANZAC Girls” and “Danger 5″.

Helen Keene as Mrs Hudson
helen keene

For twenty five years Helen was a Drama Teacher.  Helen works at No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability as a volunteer and tutor. She has written successful plays for children, theatre and radio including “The Rainbow Witch”, “School for Hookers”, “Professionally Speaking”, “Learning to Tango”,” Curse of the Ring” and “Death in Heaven”. Currently she runs Passing Over Services, assisting people and their families to prepare for Death.

Helen initiated the story for an award winning film “Regeneration” which won at a Canadian film festival.  Currently she is writing a film script about Death, erotica and compassion for Pop Pictures.

Claire Bottrall as Irene Adler
Claire B
After multiple hearing tests as a child, it was discovered that Claire had absolutely no difficulty hearing, but was, in fact, not listening. Even as an adult she often overuses her imagination. Instead of paying attention she is often busy deciding irrelevant things such as what colour she would dye her hair if taken into witness protection (Chestnut? Mocha? Black would make the face look too yellow, but blonde would wash it out… Mahogany?). She is often described by boring people as being quirky (compliment or insult?), loves lamps and hat stands, sings terribly, enjoys gardens and hates flat shoes.
Jarrad Parker as  Moriarty
jarrad head only Jarrad is a co-founder of improvised theatre group Scriptease and committee member with On the Fly.  He performs with those groups and others regularly, appearing in numerous improvised theatre shows including Death Comes at the EndMade-up Downstairs, Sherlock Holmes Soap! The Improvised Dramedy, Tales of Adventure and TheatreSports shows like Clash of the Theatre Titans. Jarrad has also performed in scripted theatre including This Old Man Comes Rolling HomeNo Place Like Home, and The Musical Adventures of Popeye and Olive.  He also teaches improvised theatre workshops for On the Fly.
Noah Tavor as the man of many faces
Noah started performing improvised theatre in October 2012. Being from Chicago, the home of Second City, Noah has always been fascinated by improv and is having a great time with it.
Noah is a co-founder of Scriptease and performs with On The Fly. He has appeared in several improvised theatre shows including Death Comes at the End and Maestro Impro, as well as the children’s pantomime Pirates on the Popeye.
Maddy Gibbons as the mysterious visitor
Maddy started performing improvised theatre early in 2013 and in this short time she has hit the ground running being a part of several successful Improvisation shows. Maddy has always had a fascination with improvised theatre, enjoying the spontaneity and creativity of the art form. Maddy has appeared in several shows including the 2014 Fringe show Improvise to Go, Maestro and TheatreSports competitions, as well as various other improvised shows in Adelaide.