Would you like to join the ZOMBIES!!! at the Stalking Dead 7pm wednesday 29 October at the Grace Emily Hotel ...

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 The stalking dead

Tis a few nights away from Halloween and all was not well at the Grace Emily Hotel.  The zombie plague has taken over Adelaide and a motley crew had escaped the first attack by the wave of Adelaidians transformed to the stinking oozy boozy bodies of those that be not dead.

Holed up in the Grace Emily our cast fight off an attack, battle the master from an alternate camp of humanoids, hold onto their sanity while they still have it and hopefully dont transform.

Join On the Fly and local Zombie band run by Dave Thornhill as we celebrate Halloween a night early.  There will be a face painter on sight to convert your faces to those of the forsaken.

Directed by: On the Fly.

Featuring: Andrew Lewis, Ben Lewis, Eugene Suleau, Simon Coad, Maddy Gibbons and Joseph Rocco Giardina

Date: Wednesday 29 October
Impro Jam: 7pm

At: The Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth Street, Adelaide SA.

Also appearing at the Blackwood Player’s fundraiser “Spooktacular” on Saturday the 25 of October.

Cost: $9 per person